Russian Economy: Gasoline Production Drops. Mobilization and Labor Scarcity. by Milov & Nacke.

Russian Economy: Gasoline Production Drops. Mobilization and Labor Scarcity. by Milov & Nacke.

There is a lot of pro-Putin bias in the Western world. We aim to dispel this “macho” propaganda and reveal true colors of his regime: murder, intimidation, industrialized kleptocracy and well-funded russian fascism propaganda machines. We were born in Russia, we have lost friends to this murderer… we see how he “zombifies” most and intimidates and beats down the rest. We also know where his weak spots are and what atrocities his regime is committing on a daily basis.

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The impact of Ukrainian attacks on Russian refineries is beginning to show.
Gasoline production collapsed. Down 17% by the end of February. It’s hard to remember when this ever happened. The expectations of Nabiullina, who kept trying to convince everyone that there were some signs for reduced inflation, did not come true. On the contrary, inflationary processes re-ignited. Unfortunately, military production also began to grow, which still remains a little mysterious, as for several months before this the defense industry showed production stagnation. Is this an isolated incident or a new trend? We discuss it in the latest economic report with Vladimir Milov.

The main Russian problem remains the shortage of personnel, which is only exacerbating. Milov believes that this is one of the main reasons why Putin does not want to carry out mobilization in full force, as it will simply destroy the economy.
All this in this latest podcast!

YouTube channel of Vladimir Milov: @Vladimir_Milov

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Original material by: Michael Nacke
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