Negotiations Hit a Dead End. War in Ukraine, Analytics. Arestovich, Romanenko.

Negotiations Hit a Dead End. War in Ukraine, Analytics. Arestovich, Romanenko.

There is a lot of pro-Putin bias in the Western world. We aim to dispel this “macho” propaganda and reveal true colors of his regime: murder, intimidation, industrialized kleptocracy and well-funded russian fascism propaganda machines. We were born in Russia, we have lost friends to this murderer… we see how he “zombifies” most and intimidates and beats down the rest. We also know where his weak spots are and what atrocities his regime is committing on a daily basis.

Message from the source channel owner.

On air with Yuri Romanenko, we discussed possible scenarios for the war in Ukraine on the eve of  Peace Summit in Switzerland:

➤ 00:05 Romanenko: Peace Summit in Switzerland on June 15-16 in the context of other significant events in Ukraine.
➤ 01:51 Arestovich: if China and the United States do not participate in the summit, who will guarantee peace? Hypothesis: The US and China have a different plan.
➤ 03:09 Possible plan of the USA and China according to statements by politicians on each side.
➤ 06:27 There is good news, even when the positions of the Russian Federation, the USA and China are clear and no changes are planned.
➤ 08:15 Russians are demonstrating strategic ability to move borders. Russia’s task is to attack. The West’s task is to stop the offensive.
➤ 10:10 Preparations for a fierce confrontation between Ukraine and Russia: the struggle of potentials is underway, the scenario is repeating itself, the range of weapons and Ukraine’s ability to strike at Russian territory are expanding.
➤ 14:05 What can Ukraine expect from the NATO summit in Washington in June and from Trump’s statements? US guarantees for Ukraine: hints help understand the limits of the deal.
➤ 17:59 Western politicians cannot allow the aggressor’s conquests to be legalized by signing Putin’s demands to fix borders.
➤ 20:30 What conditions can be acceptable for the collective West within the peace process?
➤ 23:05 Chinese businesses leaving Russia due to Putin’s inability to negotiate and the possibility of a complete economic embargo on the Russian Federation. 
➤ 27:10 Hypothesis: summer and autumn will be spent with Russia attacking and Ukraine in defence. Negotiating positions may begin to take shape after the inauguration of next US President, in winter. None of the warring parties has significant advantage.
➤ 32:21 Opinion of US Secretary of State Blinken: Putin’s game of Zelensky’s illegitimacy has reached a dead end. Factors and variables.
➤ 35:30 China’s position is to support Russia, but not to enter into confrontation with the West. Ukraine is entering the Iran-Iraq scenario.
➤ 38:42 Should the first F-16 aircraft in Ukraine be used for air defense? Cautiously optimistic scenario: Europe will likely invest in increasing its military capabilities and help Ukraine.
➤ 41:25 Fundraiser of the Ukrainian military.
➤ 42:20 Will the debate between Arestovich and Portnikov take place? Why the image of victim  is harmful for Ukraine?

English translation #PrivateerStation.

Olexiy Arestovych (Kiev): Former Advisor to the Office of the President of Ukraine: Official channel: Social Media:

Yuriy Romanenko, Ukraine Politologist. yuriyromanenko_ukraine  

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