Strangeworks Announces General Availability of Advanced Compute Platform

Strangeworks Announces General Availability of Advanced Compute Platform

Following recent $24 million Series A, company expands platform beyond quantum computing to provide classical and quantum-inspired solutions to customers.

At the Quantum.Tech conference in Boston, MA, Strangeworks showcased its new advanced compute platform and announced the general availability of several new products in its growing marketplace of applications.

The new platform was designed in close collaboration with the company's growing enterprise customer base. This latest release extends beyond quantum computing, adding new classical and quantum-inspired resources and solutions. The company also intends to introduce new tools to the platform that leverage artificial intelligence technology, with beta access coming soon.

The current platform includes improvements for every type of user:

  • Developers gain greater flexibility via an updated SDK configurable in any environment, and capable of application integration (with appropriate key).
  • Subject Matter Experts (SME) now have access to a marketplace of pre-packaged applications for everything from optimization and kernel alignment to variational quantum eigensolvers and neural networks. 
  • Managers and executives benefit from improved business and reporting tools for managing resource allocation, access levels, and billing.

With this release, Strangeworks has delivered the tools that empower application developers, integration partners, and enterprise customers to build, deploy, manage, and commercialize their applications and services. Examples of third parties already adding their original applications to the Strangeworks marketplace include:

  • Rigetti has already added a quantum kernel method and will add a quantum convolutional neural network in the near future, both currently available only on Strangeworks.
  • Multiverse Computing will be adding their portfolio optimization application designed for use by non-quantum experts.
  • BosonQ Psi will be offering their airline route optimization application.

In addition to these partner applications, Strangeworks also announced three original applications for executing problems using optimization methods, quantum approximate optimization algorithm (QAOA), and variational quantum eigensolver (VQE). These applications allow users to execute common jobs across multiple hardware backends.

The platform also features an updated Backstage Pass Program, through which Strangeworks provides selected applicants with early access to pre-release features, tools and special stipends. The latest offering announced at the conference includes access to Quandela's quantum computers on the cloud. Apply today for access to this offering and many more by visiting

About Strangeworks

Based in Austin, Texas, Strangeworks removes the barriers to quantum, so you can turn what if into what is, with the most complete quantum ecosystem available. Move every bold idea forward faster with all the quantum and quantum-inspired solutions, all in one place. Stretch your budgets further with scalable utility pricing and flexible spending management. Unlock business value today, and prepare for quantum advantage tomorrow.

To learn more about how Strangeworks can accelerate your quantum journey, visit

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