Secretary Antony J. Blinken and Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal Before Their Meeting

Secretary Antony J. Blinken and Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal Before Their Meeting

SECRETARY BLINKEN:  Good morning, everyone.  This meeting in London – it’s hard to overstate its importance, because even as Ukrainians as we speak are fighting so bravely to take back the land that’s been seized from them, we know we also have to focus on the flip side of the coin, which is Ukraine’s not only economic recovery but economic future, because its success will be determined both on the battlefield with its ability to defend and ultimately deter further Russian aggression, but also the success of the country – the society – it’s building, including a strong and vibrant economy, a strong and vibrant democracy.

And so as we say, this is not only about Ukraine surviving, this is about Ukraine thriving.  And the reconstruction piece is critical to that.  The prime minister has been leading an effort to strengthen Ukraine’s economy, to strengthen its democracy, to strengthen its governance, because what we know as well and what’s so powerful about today is it’s not just governments, it’s not just the international financial institutions, it’s the private sector that’s going to make all the difference in Ukraine’s long-term economic prospects along with its integration in the European Union.  And for that to work, we know that Ukraine has to build as well the most inviting investment climate possible.

These are all the things that we’re working on and talking about today, hoping to have both some quick impact but also building the strongest possible foundation for the mid term and the long term.  So I’m delighted to have a chance to speak to the prime minister about all the efforts that he and the Ukrainian Government are making to create that kind of environment, to create the strong foundation for a successful, dynamic Ukraine for the future.

Prime Minister.

PRIME MINISTER SHMYHAL:  Dear Secretary of State, dear colleagues, Ukraine is so much grateful to United States for unwavering support during this full-scale war.  We have support for (inaudible) in military sphere; now we are discussing economical and recovery issues for our country.  First of all, we are concentrating on the rapid recovery sectors – energy, humanitarian demining, housing, critical infrastructure recovery, and support of economy.  So in all of these sectors, United States again and again demonstrates its leadership and support Ukraine in all these sectors.

But today in London, on that conference, we are discussing also global issues of recoveries, and we as always say that we are united in defense and we will united in our recovery.  Because of this, now we are planning very concrete projects – not just declarations, but we bring some projects in all these spheres – and president of Ukraine today in very detail comment and emphasize of – on energy sphere, on agricultural and food protection, where Ukraine demonstrate leadership in the world in these sectors.  And many countries and many peoples in the world are dependable because of our food production sector.

So we hope we count on continued support from side of United States, and we have this, and it’s very important for us that United States will support Ukraine as long as it needed.  So it gave us hope, it bring us encourage to win in this war, and to continue together restoring and recovery of my country.  Thank you so much.

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