I Stand With The Igbos!!! Sokoto To Be Included In Biafran Map – Tambuwal Shocks Northerners

Sokoto State Governor, Aminu Tambuwal6
It came as a rude shock as the Sokoto State Governor, Aminu Tambuwal, released a statement showing solidarity with the Igbos saying: “I stand, and the people of Sokoto stand with the Igbos.”
Tambuwal spoke against the backdrop of the ultimatum given to the Igbos to leave the Northern part of the country, by some youths in Kaduna.
In a statement issued on Saturday, by the Special Adviser on Media and Public Affairs to the Governor, Mallam Imam Imam, the Governor insisted that Igbos must feel free to stay in any part of the country, without fear of molestation.
“I align myself fully with the position of the Northern Governors, as enunciated by our Chairman, Gov. Kashim Shattima of Borno.
 “We have enjoyed a robust relationship with all members of the resident communities; you have no reason to fear. Sokoto is your home, and it will continue to remain as such’’, Tambuwal said.
“Nigerians now need to team up as a people, and find lasting solutions to the myriad of challenges confronting the nation.
“We are a blessed nation, and we should continue to develop our strengths, so as to provide the needed leadership for Africa and the black world.
“So, as far as your stay is in the Northern part of the country and in Sokoto, do not feel threatened by anyone’’, the Governor assured the Igbos.
During the event, the representative of the Igbo community in Sokoto, Mr Steven Okoro, commended the State Government for making Nigerians living in Sokoto, to feel at home.
“We have never felt threatened in Sokoto. We and our families have stayed here in peace for hundreds of years.
“Our relationship with all groups of people here, is based on mutual trust and respect for one another’’, he said.

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