1 Buhari get well soon

By Ibrahim D Itsenyabi

I woke up this morning with Muhammadu Buhari on my mind. Today I stripped him off his status of President, General, Strongman and Politician. I looked at him simply as a human-being.

Today, I tried to look at Muhammadu Buhari, with the following questions on my mind: What if he were my father and in this condition…how would i have felt? What if he were my brother, uncle, grandfather or friend…what would I have felt? What if i were the person in his condition with such excruciating pain…what would I have felt? These questions made me reflect deeply and empathise with him. They made me feel sympathy for him, his family, friends and associates.

Today, I looked at a him not as a President, General, Strongman or Politician and I realised that before us is an elderly man who is ill [not that I know his specific ailment] and he deserves our sympathy and prayers no matter our political or ethno-religious differences.

Let the good side that is inherently present in all of us speak today. Let us for a moment forget our differences and have pity on the human being that he is. We should wish him well and pray God to ease his pain/suffering and grant him relief, not because he is our President, General, Strongman, Politician, but because he is simply a fellow human. Let the goodness in us speak today! Let us empathise and sympathise with him!

Oh! Allah the Merciful! Have mercy upon your Servant Muhammadu Buhari and ease his pain and suffering. Grant him relief. Amin.


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