Nigerians Condemn Oba Akiolu Over Disrespect For The Ooni of Ife

Ooni of Ife with Akiolu
Oba of Lagos, Oba Rilwan Aremu Akiolu, recently, humiliated his throne and proved he is a big nuisance who has no respect for Yoruba race and what we as a (Yoruba)Nation stands for by refusing to acknowledge the warm greetings of the Ooni of Ife, His Imperial Majesty, Ooni Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi at a public function.
In the 25 seconds video which has gone viral, the Ooni of Ife is seen arriving the venue of the event which had the Oba of Lagos, Oba Rilwan Akiolu II, sitting beside an unidentified oba.
The Ooni walked over to greet the obas, but as soon as he offered the Oba of Lagos his hands, Oba Akiolu looked away and rudely greets Ooni with a wave of the hand confirming the very fact that Akiolu is an arrogant opportunist who has no iota of aura that goes with his status and the position he is occupying. He is a big disgrace to himself,Lagos State and the whole Yoruba Nation!
The incident, however, sparked outrage among sons and daughter of Yorubas and entire Nigerians as many commentators condemned Oba Akiolu, describing his action as unbecoming of a Yoruba monarch.
A Facebook user, Folashade Oshun wrote “Oonirisa ki i se egbe awon oba afotejoye. Ade ti nbe lori ooni, ade isembaye, ade igba iwase ni. Ki i se ade agbelero. That insult must earn the appropriate response immediately. When a supposed first-class Oba behaves like an arrant knave, he has not only disgraced the values of Kingship in Yoruba land, he is asking for the history and sorry tales of his ascendancy to be shared in the marketplace . Shior!”
Abiodun Olojede said, ” What an act of arrogance. It is very unfortunate that the Oba of Lagos disgraced himself, not the highly respected Ooni of Ife…”
Yinka Animashaun wrote, “O ma se o. What did he say or do to Ooni of Ife. The man is always rude and Lagosians don’t like him either. That is why we need to get rid of all these old folks. “Igba won ti tan”
Oyetumilara Adepeju Abimbola-Peters  wrote “Oba of Lagos my poo, pshew(hissed) chai, kolode . Aiye yi kole , awa ede la so di Ogun.”
Prince Kola Adeniyi Adeyemi wrote “This is extremely pathetic & ridiculous for so called Oba of Isale Eko to be rude to Ooni of Ife in that kind of Eyesore manner. Traditional ruler shouldn’t be behaving like school boy in public.
Ooni of Ife is Ooni of the whole Federal, well love and cherished by all at home and diaspora. Ajuwon o se wi lejo walahi ija ILARA ko tan boro boro. Akiolu gba fun oga oooo. Omo to fi kekere joye, a fi agbalagba loye na pepepe. Nigerians are proud of OONI and Ashamed of Akiolu. Thug shouldn’t be a King.”
Olan Rewaju wrote “You see the reason why some yoruba leaders can be – for a lack of word choice- “funny”. This is preposterous and uncivilized for an Oba to act as a childish monarch. Imagine such denigrating act from a Yoruba to a Yoruba. What a shame! I am Lagosian! Born and bred but I detest such childish act of epic proportions. Ki Lon feel like? Yes! He’s young- and so? I don’t know and don’t care what the beef is but Rilwan should grill it up and eat it; instead of going out there to embarrass himself. The joke is on you baba. E step up”
Lola Soji-Opa Afolabi wrote Its pure jealousy! God is with him and he will always be with him regardless of what people think of him. Let them say.”
Folashade Oshun wrote I think that as a matter of urgency, all Obas in the South -west and entire Ile Kootu Ojire should rise up as one collective body and confront the growing obstinacy of this status Chief turned Oba. His conduct is an epic disgrace. O fi ade ori e wole. Agba omo, ase bi i majesin! Egbin oni’yoro!”
Ayo Animasaun said “I thought it was a joke when I saw the caption. So it actually happened? Unless clarifications are offered, it’s childish on the part of the elder monarch. I wasn’t surprised though. That Lagos landlord is full of himself.”
Daniel Oluwaleke Akindele wrote You either have grace or not. Olowo Eko lacks decorum and finesse. His penchant for throwing tantrums didn’t start today.”
Jide Komolafe said The policeman turned Oba of Lagos was very juvenile and unbelievably pedestrian in his action. Haba! Agbalagba to n soro bi ewe. The insult is not in the least on the Arole Oodua but rather on the ignominious Akiolu of Lagos. If he’s not befuddled by inferiority complex then his estimation of self worth rests on a dangerous illusion. There is no Yoruba Oba, at least in recent times, that has been acknowledged on a global platform almost comparable to the British Crown. What we are experiencing is not a relationship between backwardness and modernity, but a relationship between crippling mutilation of one crown and the liberating influence of another. Perhaps we have overrated the former policeman. Or what else do you expect from a man whose adult life was framed in the cradle of Nigeria’s police force? Can a leopard change its spots? Egbe isu ko ni iyan joo!”
Olutope Amudipe  wrote He is jealous that a young man has overtaken him culturally. Ooni is an ordained king not a derailed one who might have bullied his way to the throne. Ojo ori ko la fii see. Iba ti agba ba wa lomode tii baa. What is it with him wasting energy, insulting the throne and disgracing himself to dishonour others? Has he forgotten he is no longer in uniform? Anyway most policemen are bullies. He who wants honour must be honourable.”
Fasesin Olusegun said Ooni stool had been in high esteem way back is not today so Akiolu u can’t match what is on ground, d stool is higher than ur forefathers, d stool is meant for oduduwa of which Oba adeyeye is representing, the respect dat you must accord oduduwa the father of Yoruba race must be given to Oba adeyeye get dat to ur crown head today, arrogance or not hes Supreme cos he is arole oodua.. Stop beefing , ki o DE gba fun …..are u up to Prince Charles of England foot? Can’t u see d royal welcome he gave him? So both of u are not same get dat fact today, stop arrogance, and go and ask all obas dat stood against d late ooni sijuawade they are all backward till today..”
Olamide Ale said That’s Akiolu’s antecedents even from when he was in the Police Force.IJA ilara ni ki tan boro.”

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