I dont support Magu who lives in a house rented for N40million per annum and flies first class for N2.9million for Umrah. I dont support him because he cannot even support himself when it mattered and with all those allegations, it is hard to believe he is clean. besides his boys in efcc are as filthy as they come, and he is fully one of them. we hear the stories

I dont support Dino who displays his many cars and ill-gotten wealth and cant even prove he graduated from university plus he doesn’t know the difference between a degree and a mere certificate. He actually believes he possesses 8 degrees? I dont support the guy. he’s a liar and a fraud. I know his problem. He’s one of those who did very poorly in school and believe they must prove a point to everyone that they have ‘made it’. i know Dino closely. At least i used to. And i think his lies are catching up with him. And he knows.

I dont support Col Hameed Ali who knows how to fly Customs jet, collect their biggest salary, ride in their exotic convoys, sit in their large office and thumb his nose on the institution and on the uniform which is a symbol of the sovereignty of this country. i cannot support the guy who seems to have a puritan air around him and believes he is better than every nigerian even though he doesn’t know how to show leadership at the Customs and even revenue has fallen drastically under his non-leadership

I dont support Saraki, who – like every nigerian leader – buys a car of N298million to add to his many existing cars bought with MY TAX! and we are in a recession? I dont support the guy because he has too many raps around his neck and i think he just believes he’s the smartest person in nigeria.

I dont agree with Buhari who has foisted confusion on nigeria instead of leadership. i will ‘support’ him for now, technically (that word again), because he’s our de facto and de jure oga for now. but in my heart, walahi i’m past being disappointed.

All these people have wronged Nigeria in varying degrees

Instead, I fully support #ANRP and the team of young dudes and ladies standing up for their nation. dem dey try. they have vision, and they want to at least try their hands on something new and clean rather than be supporting one existing politician or another who has been taking them for rides.


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