If Dino Malaye Were The President, By Popoola Sarafadeen

dino-melaye fights Senator Remi Tinubu

Dear senator Dino Melaye, I expected more than this pettiness from you. As a Senator of federal republic of Nigeria, I have watched you rained insults on many prominent personalities in our country.

You were sent to the red chamber by your people not go be using the portfolio to wrestle and insult people.

Remember, after throwing insults to PMB, Tinubu and his wife, you still went to Lagos home of Tinubu to fight him. Let’s assume you graduate from university in 1999, Mr Tunubu was a governor by 1999 and even a Senator in 1979 and 1992.

Secondly, do you know that PMB was a governor and minister in 1977/78 before he became president in 1983?

Are you also aware that Obasanjo was a minister in 1974, vice president in 1975 and military head of state in 1976 before becoming an elected president by 1999?

Assuming that you were born then, Where was your father? Sahara reporters only report your blunders and you want to send them to jail, if you are right, can’t you use your bleeding mouth to defend yourself?

So if you are the president, you will kill anyone who says anything against you? Shame on any constituency that reduces Senate level to your class


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