ITALY: A White Child Refused To Stand In Front Of An African Player! You won’t believe why??

italyDuring a football match in Italy between AS Roma and Torino. A child did not want to stand next to an African player. Antonio Rudiger was born in Berlin on 3 March 1993 by a German father and a mother from Sierra Leone.
The little boy refused to stand in front of Antonio Rudiger because he felt that he looked like a monkey according to witnesses. Italy is often categorized as a very racist country.
When they do, they sing monkey songs and throw bananas at African players.
Many Africans do not believe in racism because they do not live it and it is mainly because of this that the continent is exploited on a daily basis. The best way to combat racism is to denounce and educate the youngest.
It must have been difficult for Antonio to see himself treated as a monkey by a kid. Living this because of its skin color in football is unacceptable. This kid was badly educated by his family.
These behaviors of another age must be sanctioned with the utmost energy by the competent authorities of FIFA.

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