I’m Happy To Be A Coward’ Tuface Reacts To Criticism Over Back Out From Planned Protest

Innocent Idibia, popularly called 2baba, has spoken up for the first time after backing out from the widely publicized #IstandWithNigeria# protest, which held Monday, in Lagos, Abuja and other parts of the country.
2face was expected to lead the nationwide march, but pulled out one day before the commencement of the protest.
But breaking his silence on Tuesday, in a video he shared on his Instagram page, the “African Queen” crooner said, he would continue to speak for the people, even though he had been labelled as a coward.
Courage to carry on with the protest He thanked his fans for their support, and the courage to carry on with the protest after he backed out. In the video, he said, “I will like to thank you all for the messages and solidarity.
I watched with tears in my eyes as Nigerians came out to speak up and protest on the street, on social media, on television and radio stations.
I watched as Nigerians demonstrated that no one voice is louder than the other. I also watched as people called me a coward but I am happy I am a coward who spoke out and I will always continue to do so.
I watched as many of you defied all odds to come out to tell the government, that you deserve better lives. I’m grateful to everybody that lent his or her voice, when I lost mine. You guys are the real heroes.
I’m happy you came out and I’m happy you came out peacefully.” 2face, however, denied that he was picked up by the Department of State Services, DSS, thereby forcing him to dissociate himself from the protests.
This video surfaced online hours after comedian Gordons called 2face ‘illiterate’ in an interview with GoldMyne TV, slamming the pop singer for not using music as a tool to lead the protest.
He later made a u-turn, apologizing to 2face, disclosing that he sent an sms to him.
In spite of all, the video generated mixed feelings from Nigerians, especially from those who are still standing by the legendary singer.

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