Igbo Nation Dumps PDP? By Joe Igbokwe

kalu-joins-apc-jpg0General Collin Powell tells me that “A dream does not become a reality through magic, it takes sweat, determination and hard work” John Lennon also tells me that “Being honest may not get you many friends but it will always get you the right ones”

My people, the biggest political news in Nigeria today is the massive movement of Igbo political leaders into APC. From Enugu to Anambra, Ebonyi, Imo and Abia the story is the same – APC all the way.

Now, what did they see? Why this unprecedented movement? Did they just wake up from the slumber? Did they learn anything different today? Are there emerging tendencies they suddenly discovered? What are those emerging tendencies? Why APC now? What are the political calculations? Will it be beneficial to Igbo and Nigeria as a political entity? Can this move reintegrate Igbo into the mainstream proper? There are other many questions that bother me.

In 2015, few of us appealed to the Igbo Nation to join APC because we know PDP will die because of corruption and impunity and what did they do? They abused us and called us names like saboteurs, traitors and betrayers. My name became Joe Yorubakwe, Joe Hausakwe, etc.

Today they are lining up to join APC. Last year I wrote an article that I want the IGBO nation play opposition politics for at least 20 years and hell was let loose. They nearly sent me to the gallows.

Now see IGBO politicians trying to outdo one another to join APC. This is unbelievable! So APC is no longer Boko Haram Party, Hausa/ Fulani Party or Yoruba party? Why did it take us this long to discover the truth? When Yoruba and Hausa/ Fulani formed APC, did we not know that the game is over in 2015?

I welcome my brothers and Sisters into APC because of one man called, Senator Ken Nnamani, a great son of Igboland, a decent man, very intelligent, honorable, wise, cerebral, sensible, honest, and truthful. When they descended on me it was only Senator Ken Nnamani that consoled me. No wonder he is now the South East leader of APC. Do not forget that it was Senator Ken Nnamani as the President of the Senate that led the onslaught that killed the Obasanjo’s third term agenda. God is not unjust! He chooses whom to lift up and who to bring down!

Today history has taught me that every leader writes his own history through his own actions, deeds and choices he makes. I have also learnt from history that all the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light of one candle. It is always good to follow the majority in a democracy but it is always good also to listen to the voices of the minority because the majority can be wrong and foolish. After all, those who crucified Jesus Christ were in the majority.

The rest is now history but the lessons are there for the Igbo leadership. Proper analysis, permutations and calculations in any issue that concerns Nigeria, Igbo and other Nigerians should be strictly adhered to. Jumping into serious political decisions with heads, hands, legs, mouths, ears, eyes etc portends grave danger for the Igbo commonwealth.

The decision to support Jonathan in 2015 to rule Nigeria for 10 years when Obasanjo had done 8 years was a terrible decision that was at once potentially dangerous for Nigeria corporate existence. The permutation that an incumbent cannot be defeated in Nigeria was an attack on history and civilization.


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