Dino: The Senate Lout and Thug In Switzerland

by Bamidele Ademola-Olateju

Saraki, Dino, Stella Oduah, Lasun, etc went to Switzerland for Inter parliamentary Union meeting. As you will expect of thieving Nigerian public official, they stayed in Intercontinental Hotel, one of the most expensive hotels in Geneva. For the avoidance of doubt, Geneva is among the top five most expensive cities in the world.

At about 7pm on Tuesday, my source; a young postgraduate student of Law who was in a reception in which the members of the national assembly addressed Nigerian professionals, started sending me pictures of the Senators as they arrived the cocktail dinner. She was beyond shocked at the appearance of a Nigeria senator and the quality of discourse. She told me it was banal and without substance.

She said, only Saraki had something called a brain. Others wasted time with empty protocols as if they were addressing themselves in their usual bogus manner in the Senate chambers, with no real answers to serious questions. She described Lasun as the worst, the most uninspiring and dense Deputy Speaker ever! Followed by Gaya in lack of intellect.

Saraki entered the room with Dino as his body guard. She observed; “Dino’s loyalty is to Saraki rather than Nigeria”. The meeting was billed for 6:00pm to 8:00pm. Diaspora Nigerians from the nooks and crannies of Switzerland arrived early waiting for them. As usual, the legislators came late, arriving almost 7 pm. To her consternation, Dino introduced and described Saraki as the irremovable senate president among other accolades and praise singing titles.

For me, I wasn’t surprised when I saw the picture of Dino as Saraki’s bodyguard. That is what Dino is good at. He’s been a bodyguard and thug all his life. I blame the system that throws up retards, thieves and bare chested idiots as leaders. What bothers me is the unfeeling nature of these people. The general lack of seriousness and comprehension about the state of the nation. The sense of we get paid whether we do something or nothing or whether Nigeria loses or wins.

I am past caring that Dino is a weapon of convenience for Saraki. He has tied his fate and that of his constituency to Saraki. It bothers me, that Nigerian professionals abroad came to dinner all well dressed, to see a Senator dressed in T-Shirt screaming you killing me… And with a bathroom slippers on with jeans! It is disrespectful! It is scornful and it is demeaning to the institution of the Senate.

This braggart is unfit for the office he occupies. Instead of projecting his fatherland in the best possible way, he uploaded a video of himself in his usual self promoting way, dancing in his hotel room in Geneva. Shouting God and Jesus is what you do when run out of ideas on how to do anything for Nigeria, and deceive people that you are one with God.

We have a grave sociocultural problem in this country. I went to Dino’s page and read the comments. Poor, jobless and oppressed youths were hailing him, calling this boorish lout their hero and role model.

The opulence of his Geneva hotel got them. There are lots of professional hard working Nigerians who genuinely earn their own keep and stay in these hotels. No one celebrates them, no one wants to be like them. A society where the young looks up to Dino cannot prosper. May God save Nigeria from the evil of Nigerians.


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