Patience Rolling Dollars And Her Shameless Defence


By Ibrahim Lawal.

It is no longer news that Mrs Patience Faka Jonathan had own up to the ownership of over $35 millions starched in Skye Bank account which was opened in another person’s name.

The accusations against Mrs. Jonathan are that she was operating many domiciliary accounts using fictitious names and photographs while she was the sole signatory to all. Due to the huge amount in the accounts, she is also accused of money laundering and living higher than her traceable sources of funds.

The accounts were all traceable to her due to recent reforms(BVN)going on in the banking sector. It was first denied but after serious evidence were made available to her lawyers, she eventually saw the end of the road and admitted she owns those accounts.

in defending the ownership of the account, Mrs Jonathan said she actually requested that all those accounts which were opened at Skye Bank be opened in her name but that the bank opened it ‘wrongly’…..using names different from her name. (Laughable ?) The bank in Nigeria opened a Sitting First Lady Account and missed her name?

She said she has told them since 2014 to change the names and pictures. And when they brought her FOUR DEBIT CARDS, she also saw that her name was not on the cards and she complained to Skye Bank and they promised to do so.

However, she was operating both accounts. Funds were coming in and out. In fact she used those cards during her recent medica trips.

Before an account is opened, opening form will be filled, photos will be attached, at least 2 references will be done and KYC(Know Your Customer) will be done. In KYC, the bank will verify all the information supplied by the customer to be, check the document and utility bills and then verify the home and company address…..After which the account will be opened.

Mrs Jonathan has taken EFCC and Skye Bank to court and she’s demanding for additional N200m as damages to join to the already looted national wealth in her various fraudulent accounts.

Of course, Commercial Banks in Nigeria are part of the reasons why we are where we are today…..crookedness is their business and dirty money and profit are their hubby!

Let us see how the EFCC will handle this. I am also waiting for Edwin Clerk’s of this world and the Niger Delta avengers to sing lullabies about persecution. I am waiting for the delapitated PDP to wax lyrics about Buhari’s penchant for attacking oppositions.

I am also waiting to read from the PDP e- rats to defend the horrendous pillaging of our scarce resources. For the apostles of moving forward without recourse to the past, I say goodluck to all of you. For me and my household #Patiencemustfacethemusic.


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