OPINION: PDP Accept My Condolence


When the labelled largest opposition party cannot organise National convention, a big threat to the survival of our nascent democracy.

Only a party challenged of intellectualism of PDP will keep doing the same thing in the same manner and want to achieve different positive result.

I guess The originator of common sense,senator Ben Murray Bruce should lend PDP some sense from the surplus common sense he possesses, to first have a parley talk with genuine resolutions as a frame work for stability to be attained.

Without sincere resolutions from this aggrieved parties, intra party crisis will kill PDP and they won’t be able to operate as opposition not to talk of gaining power come 2019.

1I ,Ayeni ola socrates commiserate with the entire PDP family on another serial of calamity that befell them,which halt the proposed Anticipated National convention to have midwife a resurgence of vibrant opposition in our polity.

I pray may the lord grant the ceremonial largest opposition party in Africa fortitude to bear the loss.
Me dey laugh in Greek.

Ayeni Ola Socrates


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