Ebuka Needs ₦7.5m for Kidney Transplant

Chukwuebuka-UmechiedoChukwuebuka Umechiedo, a 20-year-old indigene of Enugu State has called on kind-hearted Nigerians, organisations and the government to help in raising ₦7.5 million that would enable him undergo a kidney transplant and live a normal life.
Ebuka, who has gone to several hospitals for treatments, including the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH), has been bedridden since February this year and currently on dialysis once weekly at the cost of ₦50,000 per week in Nnamdi Azikiwe Teaching Hospital, Nnewi.
Ebuka’s father, Godwin Umechiedo, who sells clothing materials in Lagos, said since February when his condition deteriorated, leading to dialysis, at least once a week, he had sold off all his properties for his treatment which gulps at the least ₦50,000 weekly, with some weeks gulping as high as ₦100,000 depending on how many times he is able to pay for dialysis per week, which ideally should be twice weekly.
“I am a trader, I sell clothes here in Lagos. I always send money every week for the dialysis. Sometimes, I go to my meeting members to ask for money because every week I must send the money otherwise he may not live beyond that week. I also go to friends to ask for money. Right now I am having nothing, I always strive weekly to meet up the money, it’s been difficult now for us.”
According to the Medical Director of Chinyelugo Specialist Hospital, Dr. Eze HT, whose hospital sometimes offer dialysis to Ebuka when doctors of Nnamdi Azikiwe Teaching Hospitals are sometimes on strike, he would need to do a kidney transplant which would cost at least 7.5m as it is increasingly difficult for the parents to raise the weekly N50,000 for his dialysis.
Ebuka, who managed to finish secondary school last year and hopes to be a medical doctor in future, has been battling with kidney disease since he was 12 years old, but had his worst breakdown since early this year.
“During the winding phase of his secondary school education, there were weeks Ebuka would miss school, but yet during exams he either comes out first, second or in the third position in class. He is a fighter and he has fought well till this time, but his health is increasingly failing, and I was told when the kidney transplant is done, the suffering will not only stop for him, but I and the mother would not have to be looking for N50,000 every week to pay for his dialysis.
“Presently, I have exhausted all options. I have borrowed money from my meeting people in the market, collected from friends, relations and sympathisers, just to be able to pay for his dialysis, but I have ran out of options as Ebuka is not just my only son, he is my only child,” the father laments.
He called on well meaning Nigerians, organisations and the government to come to his aid.
For support, kindly contact Ebuka on 07066382238. His father can be reached on 08091559887,08033764007. Account details is 3095994904, Umechiedo Chukwuebuka Peter, First Bank.

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