Ooni Ogunwusi: Wonderful African King With A Unique Attitude Worthy Of Emulation

13566922_1664297467224721_9142971586075279258_nWords can not accurately describe Ooni Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi-Ojaja 2 with the tremendous achievement in less than 200 days on the throne of his forefathers, his achievements are so enormous, sufficient enough for any historian to equip his knowledge.

The unusual kabiesi has touched virtually all known and unknown spheres of life within such a short period of time… Long may you reign sir.

Oba Adeyeye’s peace-mantra has done a great re-orientation in the minds of people globally and domestically. Amongst the areas he has touched with his midas fingers are:

* SECURITY – to enhance the security, he equipped the police and vigilantes and other supporting outfits with vehicles to improve security networking… The people of Ile-Ife can now move freely without fear at anytime of the day courtesy of his generosity.

* TRANSPORTATION – Movement in the ancient city has become so easy with the introduction of Keke O ti seese by the new Kabiesi to assist our mothers and the oldies who could not go on bike. Also Coaster buses were provided for the commuters for short and long journey within and outside the town, it is tagged ADIMULA to gives succour to the entire community.

* CHILDRENS’ DAY Celebration – We all saw the huge number of children/students that trouped in and out of the beautiful palace of ours to celebrate with the loving father of all HIM Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi.

Tell me one sphere of life that this new extra ordinary man has not touched within just six months of his reign, then I will surely go further to tell you he has changed the whole story of ife. At first, he gave Oduduwa palace a new look which is highly befitting. The visit of the sitting governor who gave him staff of office only six months ago left him gazing to the sky in amazement to the miraculous changes he saw on his recent visit.

The palace is now a very attractive TOURIST centre. No visitor who had visited Ife before his coronation would believe that this is still the same Ile Ife they came in December 2015.

* CULTURAL HERITAGE – He has renovated and re-branded our cherished and unique deities such as Oodua shrine, Oranmiyan, Oluorogbo, Osaara, Ebora Olopo, Afunyin morin shrine, Yeyemoolu, Olokun, Ogun and Obatala shrine, all decorated with gates so attractive to sight.

All these within six months,all these are very unprecedented in the history of Ife,

* HOUSING estate embarked upon by his royal majesty is definitely a story that leave anyone gazing for long – Olokun Park is springing up so also the Resorts Centre. Impressively, all of these are coming up simultaneously in ile ife without one disturbing others.

Today Olokun park is coming up to compliment the gigantic Ife resort centre along Ibadan road.
Oodua FM is also set to compliment it all..
* AGRICULTURAL sector also received his attention in large scale to provide “Employment and food” for the teeming youths of ife and it’s environs. Not long ago the Minister of Agric was in Ife to witness the plantation of 10,000 hectares of cashew in Ogudu-Ife.

* HUMAN MANAGEMENT – The widows of the last communal crises now listed in his monthly budget for financial assistance, what a man with unprecedented stride. He is putting final touches to the regular/lingering crises between the farmers and plank dealers in Ife land, he is definitely a man of many parts.

* HIS TRIP TO THE USA& GHANA – Ooni Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi’s hand writing is all over the globe. He has really made Yoruba race proud… Much appreciation to all Ife sons and daughters in diaspora for the uncommon befitting caring and love shown to our revered king. I pray that may his visit begin to usher in more blessing in your various endeavours… Amen.

Gbogbo yin le ma ko ire’ko dele oooo… Amin.

Amaa ma ri ire ba ara wa se ooo ….. Amin.

The eldorado we are talking about is finally here.


Hon. Rotimi Makinde. (Bobaselu of Ife)


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