How NURTW Madness Led To Accident, Roasting to Death Of 12 Passengers


This evening, few hours ago, not less than 12 passengers and their driver, who were going to Lagos in a commercial bus, were roasted at Academy area on the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway few minutes after leaving Iwo Road where the journey started.

The Hiace bus tumbled after losing control and it exploded. Two ‘fortunate but brave ladies’ escaped death after breaking the back windscreen.

One of them, Kemi, 18, “We boarded the bus at Oremeji Agugu. After boarding, we discovered that he was being pursued by the task force of the National Union of Road Transport Workers, NURTW, who, we were told, were not happy with him for contravening the laws of the union. He was not supposed to be picking passengers by the roadside. He was supposed to register at any of the designated garages and parks.

“So, after picking us, they started to pursue him. We begged him to stop for them but he refused since we were about 14 including the driver in the vehicle.”

It was after they got to Adeojo Area, shortly after leaving the Academy Bridge that he lost control. The vehicle tumbled and before it caught fire, these two ladies came out after breaking the back glass and the remaining estimated 12 people were burnt to death – right in the presence of onlookers who could not do anything except for one or two people who came out with domestic fire extinguishers that could do little or nothing.

An eyewitness said: “we cannot tell how the vehicle the NURTW official used in pursuing the ill fated bus looked, they drove away immediately they saw the vehicle tumble. They just continued driving. I am sure they know that they have killed over 12 people just because the man did not patronize them at their motor park. This is sad. Government must do something about this”.

The Government must urgently look into this by inviting the leadership of this unions. Things cannot continue to be done this way. Any of US could have been involved in the tragedy. It is needless and unnecessary.


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