For some days now, the sound of generators have become drowned and the environment more conducive, in my neighbourhood. We now enjoy at least about 18 hours electricity supply on the average. This is cheering indeed, considering the cost of running the generator.

One thing that I’ve observed with the power minister is that he has not set out to give deadlines on megawatts and timelines for stable electricity supply. I just see and hear reports of commissioning and visitations. I pray that this situation gets better and become more permanent, in the course of time.

In the midst of all the challenges of gas supply, it is truly appreciated that there is some work going on silently, to improve electricity supply, without the usual ritual of unattainable deadlines and deceitful targets.

So I must commend the power minister and his team and indeed the president, even though the campaign promise on power supply is far from being fulfilled.

My fear however is that my experience may not represent that of majority of Nigerians, who grope in darkness and still have to pay for estimate bills and in that wise, helping to sustain the Discos.

Given the laudable and landmark judgment of Hon Justice Idris Mohammed on the 45% electricity tariff hike, I do humbly advise the power minister, as a senior member of the Bar, to respect the said judgment and follow due process for such increase. I say this because when compared to the cost of running and maintaining the generator, the tariff increase is still a better option.

The major challenge is that no one should be made to pay for electricity not consumed. In this regard, the estimate bills should stop and all consumers should be metered. It is bad enough to cope with power outage but it is unpardonable and will in fact amount to wickedness, for consumers to pay higher for blackout. That will be fraud indeed.

So I commend Mr Babatunde Raji Fashola, SAN, for the little progress made in electricity supply, believing that over time, it will get better.

Ebun-Olu Adegboruwa


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