The PDP’s Misadventure At Ooni’s Palace, By Ibrahim Lawal

It is no longer news that Otunba Iyiola Omisore is cooling his feet at the EFCC detention facility after his failure to fulfill the bail conditions granted him by the anti granft agency.

I have also refrained from making comments on the arrest and detention of the former senator and one time PDP gubernatorial candidate at the 2014 election in the state of Osun because it is “unYorubaness” to rejoice at another person’s misfortune.

However, I was jolted by the news circulating on the social media that a factional chairman of the Osun PDP, Mr. Olusoji Adagunodo paid a visit to the Ooni’s palace for the sole purpose of His Royal Majesty’s intervention on the arrest and detention of Iyiola Omisore.


They were shamelessly apologising on behalf of the detainee for his refusal to pay homage to Ooni since his assumption to the throne of his forefathers.

Whereas the Adagunodo led factional PDP executives did not at any time enjoy the blessing of Omisore as his annointed candidate in person of Faforiji still pretends to hold on to Ogo Oluwa’s office of the PDP.

More worrisome was the absence of the elected PDP representatives in Ile Ife on that mission.


It is also pertinent to state that after the visit of these personalities to the Oonirisa’s palace, some people loyal to Omisore had been lampooning the Adagunodo and his band of travellers of deliberately setting out on a mission to mock and denigrate “Apesin” of the source.

They were of the view that such a visit was not done with the best of intention as Omisore did not approve of such visit to the revered paramount king of the source.


Adagunodo by the singular act had shown that he is capable of making political capital out of every situation.

His latest move is aimed at cutting Omisore’s influence in Ile Ife to size by bringing to the full glare of the public, Omisore’s lack of regard for the person and office of Oonirisa, our beloved Oba Enitan Adeyeye Ogunwusi, Ojaja fidi ote jale. Or how do one explain Omisore’s refusal to pay homage to Ooni months after ascending the throne of his forefathers.


It is also ridiculous to drag our esteemed royal fathers into a purely criminal matter. The fight against corruption has taken his victims from across the length and breath of this country, and no where was any traditional rulers dragged into intervening in such issues. Our Ooni has started well.

His focus is to develop the source of the Yoruba race, empower the youth and engender peace and harmony in Yoruba land. Let those who have axe to grind with the law bear their cross and take responsibility for their actions.


Our Ooni should be left alone to face the onerous duty of being a father to all and a custodian of culture and tradition. Let those who feel aggrieved go to court. Ile Oodua will no longer be a willing tool for the advancement of criminality.


Ibrahim Lawal, A legal Practitioner is a proud son of Ile- Ife.


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