OPINION: The recent unguided outburst by Gani Adams (the former national coordinator of OPC) at the democracy day lecture, in Akure the Ondo state capital, organised by the Nigeria union of journalists (NUJ) is one the worst excesses of his life time.

In the speech, Gani Adams said and I quote “I can’t continue to fight for Yorubas”.
It is pertinent to note that Gani Adams never fought for the Yorubas. He only used the Yorubas and OPC to achieve his diabolical aims. To ventilate this issue, Gani Adams is being driving by greed, lust, but lacks Solomonoic wisdom and acumen with which to speak especially when the need arises.

It no accident that he made such outrageous statement. His shady deals with the past administration involving billions of Naira is well known. Myriads of others deeds in the name of OPC and Yorubas are also in the open. He should stop pretending to fight for the Yorubas when he had actually done the opposite.

Gani Adams is a social climber, a pretender, a self egocentric personality with no value for decorum and self discipline especially issue concern money. He is synonymous to corruption. The ongoing anti corruption campaign of the present adimistration should beam their search light on him, he should be made accountable for the money he collected during the last general election in the name of OPC.

To recapitulate briefly about his ancestry, his fore fathers were slave raiders from NUPE land who sojourned among the yorubas but later settled in Arigidi Akoko in the present day Ondo state. For him to have made such a malicious comments about yorubas above all considerations is not a surprise. It rather re echoed his non Yoruba lineage. Suffice it to say that he is of no Yoruba descent. His progenitors and progenies are of NUPE.

Also, in the speech he claimed verbal missiles are been thrown on his personality. One Yoruba adage says “those living in glass house do not throw stones”. His personality and image has already been dented. His reputation, priviledge and social acceptability and among our people is dwindling. He is a parasite, a paranoid killer who never wanted a gun pointed in his direction.

To savage his lost glory, he has embarked on massive and aggressive media blackmailing which was never his style. To sum it up, he has lost his place among the Yorubas, he has disappointed us. He has defeated the aims and objectives for which the OODUA PEOPLE’S CONGRESS was created.

Finally, those who are still dreaming that Gani Adams is a leader of OPC should by now see the handwriting on the wall and stop deceiving themselves because Adams has got to his destination.


COPYRIGHT: Maruff Olarewaju


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