1 1 Transcorp Hilton.It no longer news that Olajumoke Orisaguna is fast climbing the social ladder, and the hottest new model reveals that her life has quite changed from how it used to be.

“My lifestyle has changed. I am looking healthier, living healthier; I have more things to be thankful for,” the new model said, adding, “I have a lot of clothes, not just clothes but fashionable ones. I eat better things. People have been helping us from right, left and centre.”

However, she maintains that she is still the same Olajumoke who struggled to make ends meet and support her family. “I am still the same Jumoke people know. The same Jumoke people knew in Osun state is the same as the Jumoke speaking with you right now, but the story of my life has changed.”

Notably, the mum of two daughters has not changed one aspect of her life, keeping friends. “I don’t have friends now. My husband and my children are my friends now,” she said. “Even while in Osun state, I didn’t keep friends. I don’t like going to a friend’s house to gossip and all that. It is not because God has smiled on me, no, that is who I am. I can never go back to hawking. I am now a model. I have a better work I do now,” she noted, adding that she does not miss hawking a bit.


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