13082493_1196559560368527_7573700487724229176_nSenator Babajide Omoworare, the  Chairman, Senate Committee on Rules and Business,  has expressed regrets over what he called too much distractions in the Senate, saying it was affecting its day to day constitutional responsibilities.
The Senator representing Osun East Senatorial District attributed it to the controversial inauguration of the current Senate on 9th June last year, which he noted, had continued to negatively affect businesses of the Senate compared to that of the House of Representatives.
“Of course, you recalled that on 9th June last year, we had a tumultuous start and that of House of Representatives was a bit better, and this has been affecting the output of the Senate compared to that of the House”, he asserted.
He was emphatic that there were steady distractions, to the extent that bills were pending in first, second and third readings, and even at Committee level.
He said he was doing all he could to pressurize appropriate Committees to give those bills expeditious attention.
According to him, the 8th Senate ought to communicate its legislative agenda with the outside world by putting its Order Paper online, thereby giving ample opportunity to persons outside to make contributions.
He added that Senators would equally have time to study bills and make quality contributions.

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