“In far away Panama, a consortium of lawyers using their law firm Mossack Fonseca founded Ramon Fonseca, have been able to generate 11.5 million papers that linked government officials and looters across the world who siphoned money to Tax Haven in Virgin Island.

This leak, the biggest ever in recent history has led to the resignation of the Prime Minister of Iceland, Sigmundur Davio Gunnlaugsson. In Nigeria, one of the persons mentioned in the criminal deal is the present President of the Senate of Nigeria, Senator Bukola Saraki.

While the Mossack Fonseca lawyers worked tirelessly for years to do this great work for humanity, Nigerian lawyers, 90 of them are following the same Saraki to Code of Conduct Tribunal to render court process nugatory. Their professional colleagues in other climes are helping their countries to stop corruption but not these Charge and Bail lawyers here. They are neck deep into corruption and proceeds of corruption. They are worse than infidels.

The lawyers have been very busy searching for their birds of identical plumage in judges whether in High Court, Appeal Courts or Supreme Court to help truncate Saraki’s case. The corrupt Senators of the Federal Republic of Nigeria are not left out in this show of shame. From 81 right from the onset, the number of Senators following Saraki to CCT has reduced to 12 as at yesterday. Even with the heavy and weighty evidence before CCT, these woeful and useless Senators are still chasing shadows, making a mockery of themselves and people they represent. But the bigger they come, the harder they fall.

In the oil industry, the marketers and subsidy fraudsters are holding sway, gripping Nigeria by the throat and ready to squeeze without caring a hoot. In the power sector, the looters and their agents are working round the clock to reduce power generation to zero megawatts. If they are not pulling down transmission towers, they are busy blowing up gas supply to the power stations. I see this as an attack on the corporate existence of Nigeria as a political entity. I see this as a threat to national unity and cohesion. I see these attacks from all corners as acts of treason.

Now I do not think President Buhari and his cabinet need to offer any more excuses. I do not think it is necessary now. What is needed is a concrete and practical solution. President Buhari needs to use the enormous power of the presidency to do the needful. The economic saboteurs are so powerful so rich, well connected and potentially dangerous to set the people against the President if President Buhari still treats them with kid gloves. These people must be identified, crushed and defeated.

Nigerians voted for President Buhari to fight corruption, stop the drift in Nigeria, restore hope and build a new Nigeria. I know that the President is doing his best, and I also know he can do more. President Buhari must not fail. If he fails, Nigeria may not recover again. We must kill corruption or corruption will kill Nigeria”.



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