The Cuban Ambassador to Nigeria, Carlos Sosa, has said that the Ooni of Ife is the spiritual father of most Cubans all over the world.


Mr. Sosa spoke Tuesday while hosting Enitan Ogunwusi, the Ooni of Ife, at the embassy of the Republic of Cuba in Abuja.


“‎Ooni is the Spiritual father of most of us Cubans all over the world because 90 percent of Cubans are black Africans and a very large portion of us originated from Yorubaland which is spiritually headed by Ooni of Ife,” said Mr. Sosa.


Mr. Sosa said the Cubans originated from Ile-Ife, a town they call their ancestral home and which they cannot wish away.


The High Commissioner spoke of the tourism potentials of Nigeria, particularly in Ile Ife, describing the ancient town as home to numerous tourist attractions, which he said if developed to international standards, would help Nigeria economically.


‎The coordinator of the event and Chief Executive Officer of La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort, Lagos, Wale Akinboboye, called on Nigerian investors to join hands with the federal government in developing tourism potentials as a way of attracting more foreigners to the country.


Sally Mbanefo,‎ the Director General of the Nigerian Tourism Development Corporation, said the Nigerian government would give credence to tourism business in the country, adding that tourism was Nigeria’s untapped goldmine.


“The first thing is to diversify the economy, then the Public Private Participation be encouraged; we need to fight for domestic tourism, we have the population as our greatest strength,” Mrs. Mbanefo said.


“If 20 million out of 170 million Nigerians travel to explore tourism activities, will that not translate to huge revenue generation because you can’t stop Nigerians from traveling.”


‎“What about private organization such as telecomm companies, they make so much money but are they giving back to the society? Government cannot do it alone, they need to come in.


“Though some of these states are ready like Lagos, Ogun, Nassarawa, Abia, even Kaduna state are all ready to go. Collaboration is all we need; collaboration with other government agencies success.”



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  1. Bee ni! Cuba has a GREAT and UNIQUE (as Brazil) Yoruba heritage. No other country kept as Cuba and Brazil the Yoruba faith. I’m an example of this. I’m writing from Havana (it is easy to know by my IP). But 90% is to exaggerated. We, Cubans, are still, mainly white, 60% of our people are from European backgrounds. This doesn’t stop us from being ‘omo Oodua’, since we embrace your faith with deep believe and respect. Also, as they recently said: almost all Cubans have black genes got from our African common mothers (more than 30% of the historical mothers where from Africa if I’m not mistaken). Still is very important seeing the Ooni in the Cuban embassy and would be a very good seeing Him here, in our country, as the late one, that came here in 1986.


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