12688081_1735576826672559_4463230798584890857_nThere is nothing in Olajumoke’s background or exposure that has prepared her for the life of glitz being imposed on her
Reuben Abati has described celebrity rave of the moment, Olajumoke Orisaguna as the Nigerian Cinderella, adding that she might need some counselling in a composition he wrote analysing the model’s rise to stardom.
According to an excerpt from the writer’s article, “The Olajumoke Orisaguna story is a perfect demonstration of the witchcraft quality of photography and that single shot that has changed a life may well be one of TY Bello’s most remarkable efforts in her chosen genre.”
“The people turning her into a sex symbol should also tarry a while, and remember that she is a married mother of two. She needs counseling.”, Abati added.
Olajumoke has been the star of various corporate campaign with many Nigerian brands from sectors like banking, fashion, e-payment and construction seeking to make better name in their industry by offering endorsements and sponsorship to the model as part of their corporate social responsibilties.
The former GEJ aide said “Mrs Orisaguna is Nigeria’s Cinderella. Hers is a sudden, unplanned, unexpected, unprepared for grass to grace, rags to riches story, a kind of I–just-dey-waka-my-own-jeje-luck-come-jam-me-tale.”
The fairy tale of the model story is quite rare in this part of the world where the mentality is usually a ‘free-for-all’ where all man must stand and fend alone.
Olajumoke’s journey into stardom was quite unexpected and the type shooks one’s imagination, as no one could have possibly guessed that such opportunities can be available to a person with her kind of background or personality.
All the endorsements she has received won’t have been necessary if Olajumoke lived in a society where opportunities are evenly available.
Instead she grew up in an environment where a lack of formal education is a reason to remain at the bottom of the social class.
Abati added that, “In a normal society, Olajumoke Orisaguna would have been given the opportunity to go to school, and have a proper career.
It has taken popular reviews to actually earn her the opportunity she has encountered so far, because if it weren’t for the curiosity shown by social media users who had mistook the bread seller and part of the photo montage, she would been just another bread seller passing by.
Even as the glamour and thrills of being a modeling face seems like an immense privilege, one can’t help but nurse a certain fear concerning the future of this young lady as it is quite possible that the associates and brand managers she has acquired now by no means of her, will abandon her soon as the hype ends.
The model who took a super sonic speed to limelight having accidentally featured in Tinie Tempah’s video shoot and has enjoyed popularity since then, with endorsements following each other, might suddenly be relegated to the myth of yesterday.

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